We offer loans to assist with you with developing your credit score. Repaying your P.A.L loans on-time, over time will help to build your credit score. This type of loan is best used to put you in the right place as the power of credit is now on the rise.

Type of Credit Development Loans:

1. Credit Starter Loan
The Credit Starter Loan allows you to start developing a good credit rating by borrowing a small pre-set amount (example $2,500; 5,000; $7,500 JMD etc.). By paying back this loan on-time is a great easy way to build your credit score.

2. Credit Starter Cashback –
We offer cashback on our Credit Starter Loans. This allows you to pay “a likkle extras” on your credit starter loan. This extra amount will be accumulated over the loan period and the total amount rewarded once the loan is completed. This is a great way to start your path to investment options with our parent company, Capital Solutions Limited.



Get to know your Credit Score

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